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SBC-4 SPC-5 Atomic writes and reads
(by: Rob Elliott, Ashish Batwara, Walt Hubis)
T10/13-064r3   Uploaded: 2013/08/06   360571 bytes
Transmittal letter on OIF CEI-28G-VSR and CEI-28G-MR Projects
(by: Jonathan Sadler)
T10/13-210r0   Uploaded: 2013/08/07   46820 bytes
OIF CEI-28G-VSR Project for T10 members only
(by: Jonathan Sadler)
T10/13-211r0   Uploaded: 2013/08/07   613397 bytes
OIF CEI-28G-MR Project for T10 members only
(by: Jonathan Sadler)
T10/13-212r0   Uploaded: 2013/08/07   541527 bytes
SBC-3 Define read, verify, and write operations
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/13-213r0   Uploaded: 2013/08/09   271421 bytes
SBC-3 Make COMPARE AND WRITE a read not verify command
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/13-214r0   Uploaded: 2013/08/09   121044 bytes
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