SPL3r02 Inconsistency -- TX Training

Stephen Finch Stephen.Finch at wdc.com
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The following are from two different sections of SPL3r02:
5.9.2 Control/Status TTIU
If a TTIU bit that is defined as reserved in the Training Control word is set
to one or the Training Status word is
set to one, then the phy shall transmit an Error Response TTIU with the ERROR
CODE field set to RESERVED
... PTT_R2:Receive_Train_Tx_Pattern state State description
If this state receives a Received TTIU message and the TTIU is a
Control/Status TTIU that contains an
unsupported value, reserved value, reserved bit, or reserved combination in
the Training Control word (see
table 80), then this state shall:
1) send a Transmit Error Response message to the PTT_T state machine with the
arguments defined in
table 80;
2) send a Cancel message to the PTT_SC1 state machine, PTT_SC2 state machine,
and PTT_SC3
state machine; and
3) discard the TTIU.
These two statements are inconsistent.	There is no statement in section that covers the case that
A reserved bit set in the Training Status word causes an Error Response TTIU
to be sent.
I believe the text in the state machine description (  "overrules"
the statement in the section describing
the structure  (5.9.2).
I also think the inclusion of the statement in section 5.9.2 should be
removed as it belongs in the state machine description
and not in the section describing the structure.
Anyone disagree??
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