spl3r02: Logical SAS Phy

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Thanks for pointing this out.
I looks like the proposal (07-094) that created that UML section reversed the
logical and the phy terms. All of the Logical SAS Phy terms should have been
SAS Logical Phy. The same is true for the Logical Expander Phy which should
have been Expander Logical Phy.
I consider this an editorial error and will fix it in the next revision of
SPL-3 unless someone objects. 
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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Hi George -
I am working my way through spl3r02 for a new design. I ran across something
that seems confusing to me. Is there a difference between a SAS Logical Phy
and a Logical SAS Phy?
Thanks -
Joe Breher
lingua data (a dba of q music inc)
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