Procedure call template missing brackets

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Wed Apr 10 12:56:08 PDT 2013

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I have two problems with this.
First, it smacks of an attempt to employ a usage notation for interfaces
(i.e., []) as a way of placing requirements the way T10 standards are
Second, it implies that the following notation would also be allowed
[input-5, input-6] (i.e., the change leaves the reader with no alternative
other than believing that groups of arguments can be marked optional), which
is rather a stretch when compared to current usage.
A text note to the effect that procedure calls are allowed to omit output
arguments if none are defined seems like a more honest (and less dubious)
approach to the problem.
All the best,
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Curtis Stevens
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Subject: RE: Procedure call template missing brackets
I agree that the OUT need []s, however, all procedures currently defined have
the IN. So I will add the [] around the OUT in SAM, SPL, and the style guide
as an editorial change.
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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Subject: Procedure call template missing brackets
As Steve Finch found:
[Result =] Procedure Name (IN ( [input-1] [,input-2] …]), OUT ( [output-1]
[,output-2] … ))
[Result =] Procedure Name ([IN ([input-1][,input-2] …]),][OUT
([output-1][,output-2] … )])
to avoid requiring blank OUT() or IN() arguments, which is not done in SAM-5
or any other standard.
Example in SAM-5:
Send SCSI Command (IN ( I_T_L_Q Nexus, CDB, Task Attribute, [Data-In Buffer
[Data-Out Buffer], [Data-Out Buffer Size], [CRN], [Command Priority], [First
Burst Enabled] ))

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