Note updates for discussion on the 4/4 SAS PHY teleconference

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Note updates:
*Page 157, table 34 in reference to physical link rate long-term accuracy: *
*Please define long-term (how long is 'long').*
Delete reference to “long-term” and change note a to the following:
Physical link rate accuracy may be measured at any point in the life of the
product and should be measured using a frequency counter with a minimum
resolution of 100 Hz.
*Page 172, table 145 in reference to the values for hold hold hold (top
line of table):*
Discussion on this item pointed out that there is really no requirement for
long-term stability and that the long-term aspect isn’t something that can
be addressed in the table because the table only applies for a single
command step. The hold/hold/hold case was verified as a valid request and
should be included. The consensus is that the numbers need to stay and a
note added to the effect that sequential hold/hold/holds do not result in a
cumulative shift.
New note:
The peak-to-peak voltage and equalization voltage differences between the
initial condition and following any single or consecutive hold/hold/hold
command shall not be greater than the specified range.
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