late letter ballot comment against SBC-3

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at
Mon Apr 1 08:12:13 PDT 2013

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I would like to add a late letter ballot comment against SBC-3. Current
text is: SSU_PC8:Stopped state description
While in this state:
    a) the logical unit is in the stopped power condition (see 4.21.1);
    b) the idle condition timers and the standby condition timers are
    c) the device server shall provide power management pollable sense data
(see SPC-4); and
    d) the device server shall terminate each medium access command or TEST
UNIT READY command
    (see SPC-4) as described in 4.21.1.
When you look at 4.21.1, there is only discussion of the START STOP UNIT
command. This might be OK as a reference for item a), but not for item d).
This item needs a reference that discusses TUR and medium access commands.
A reference for this should be 4.21.4 instead.

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