Welcome to Boston.

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A few other options for dinner:
There's a good middle eastern food place just down computer drive before Rt 9
across called el Basha.
For those that want a big breakfast, there is a new iHOP and a WEGMAN's
grocery store at Northborough Crossing at the intersection of Rt.9 and Rt 20
west of the hotel by around 3 miles, you'll need to get off at the Rt20 first
exit (east/north bound Rt20) For those who have never experienced a Mega
Wegmans its very impressive grocery store with a built in food court! There
is also several big department like stores in that same area.
And Piccadily Pub is not in business anymore.
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Welcome T10 members coming to Westborough next week. I wanted to take a few
moments to point out a few items:
1.	 Weather has been beautiful, 60s at nite, and 80's during the day.
2.	 Breakfast is provided every day but is very much continental so if
you like a big breakfast please be advised.
3.	 Lunch is provided every day, Monday however it will be brought out
at 1:30pm, every other day at noon.
4.	 The Internet was completely upgraded from the wireless to the
connections to the internet. There were no issues with 40 of us using the
internet last month.
5.	 The TV service was also upgraded in the rooms.
6.	 Dinner options are provided below. (Please note TE/Madison has a
dinner reception on Tuesday evening)
Fast food:
Dunkin donuts, Rt 9 west for ½ mile either left or right side.
McDonalds, Rt 9 west for ½ mile, need to turn around on Rt 30.
Burger King, Rt 9 west for ½ mile, on right.
D'Angelo's, Rt 9 west for ½ mile, on left (turn around at light)
Standard America fare:
Piccadily Pub - right down the street of Computer drive, ¼ mile
Best Seafood:
Sole Proprietor,  118 Highland Street, about 25 minute drive but VERY worth
it!, RT 9 west for 12miles(take fork right), into Worcester, on right side.
Best Steak houses
Willys steakhouse, 2 grafton street, RT9 west towards Worcester about 6
miles, take RT 140 north about 3 miles, at the lights its on the left
side.(20 min drive)
111 Steakhouse,  111 Shrewsbury street, Rt 9 west to Worcester, take left at
fork to shrewsury street, down another 1 mile on left.(25 minute drive)
Chain Steak:
Outback - 227 Rt9, Take Rt 9 west 1 mile on right
Best Italian:
Arturo's Ristorante, 50 East Main Street, Westborough, MA (Take Rt 9 west, to
Rt 30 west, go 1 mile, on the right in mini-mall)
Tavlino, 400 Union Street, Westborough, MA (Take Rt 9 west, to Rt 30 west, go
1 mile, on the left deep in the plaza)
Chain Italian:
Bertuccis, 1600 Rt9, Take RT9 West 1 mile on left, need to turn around past
Uno's 225 Rt9, Take RT9 West 1mile on Right
Chateau, Rt9, Take Rt9 west ½ mile on Right
Best Burger (Cow or BISON!):
Teds Montana Grill, 400 Union Street, Westborough, MA (Take Rt 9 west, to Rt
30 west, go 1 mile, on the left deep in the plaza)
Best ridiculous oversize SUB:
Rigatta Deli, 3 Colonial Drive, (Take Rt 9 west, to Rt 30 west, go 1 mile, on
the right deep in the plaza) Dunkin donuts is out front.
There is only one area to go, which is Framingham/Natick Area, which is also
the shopping district about 20 minutes EAST on RT 9.
Restaurants in this area that are better than the others:
On right side in order:
British Beer, awesome beef sandwiches, and apps..
Legal Seafoods
Minado on right side, across from BIGGER NATICK mall, all you can SUSHI
On Left side in order
Ken's steakhouse (the original!)
John Harvards beer works (in strip mall, in way back)
Standard chain eats:
Olive Garden, Chinese, Fridays, Uno's, Tai, Subs, etc..

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