SOP/PQI Letter Ballot

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Hi Tim,
Thanks for your response. I didn't get any other reply to this request.
I can talk to our architecture team in my company and come out with a
Mean while, please let me know if there are any proceeds in this regards.
Thanks and Regards,
I’m not sure if anyone has answered your enquiry but here is my
There are currently no rules that limit the usage and extent of the
bit-bucket operation, so it is possible to create the condition that you
There has been some discussions on bounding the bit-bucket usage to sensible
usage models, but there are many cases, and so a comprehensive proposal would
be required to define: 
1. conditions that are allowed 
2. conditions that are not allowed 
3. error states or reporting mechanism for the case where a disallowed
condition occurs 
It’s the definitions and error scope that requires detailed analysis to
ensure that conditions are adhered to, or exceptions are appropriately
flagged to the system as an error for corrective action without data loss.
Would you be willing to make such a proposal to the group? 
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I have a general question about SGK bit bucket descriptor. I understand that,
based on the standard, bit bucket descriptor can be placed in the last
segment descriptor. Having said that, will there be a possibility for the PQI
Host driver to send every single entry in the last segment descriptor as bit
bucket entries? 
If not, can we explicitly say that in SOP IUs, the last segment descriptor
will not contain bit bucket descriptor(s)? This is mainly to ease the H/W
implementation of PQI compliant device. 
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