SBC-3 revisions 34 and 34a

Mark Evans Mark.Evans at
Fri Nov 30 14:46:43 PST 2012

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Hello all,
I've just posted two drafts of SBC-3 to the T10 website:  revision 34 and
revision 34a.  Both revisions include more than 150 pages of proposals
accepted at the last T10 meeting and numerous other changes, many based on
email that I received.	Revision 34 has most of the changes identified with
track text edits and change bars enabled.  Revision 34a has all of the text
edits accepted and change bars cleared.  There were over 3500 text edits
accepted.  In addition, revision 34a includes several editorial and
formatting corrections, many of which were artifacts of accepting the change
Particularly for those of you who had proposals included in these revisions,
please review the changes in these drafts, and call or send an email to me if
you have any comments.	Also, please make any comments that you may have
relative to revision 34a.  My plan is to include the appropriate input I
receive over the next several days in a new revision, and submit that draft
for letter ballot next Friday.
Mark Evans
Western Digital Corporation

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