September T10.

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Mon May 21 10:34:46 PDT 2012

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Its almost that time again to head back to Boston and try to finish a SAS
There were a number of good ideas and areas of change that were presented to
me last time we had the meeting at the Double tree.
If anyone has any other feedbacks other than what's below let me know and I
will get them addressed
1.	 Fix the wireless internet in conference rooms - We are setting up a
few more wire portals to address this concern
2.	 Fix the TV channels received -the hotel said the cable provider has
more channels than last year.
3.	 Change the lunch options - No one liked the pick your own sandwich
stlye so I'm proposing:
a.	 Pizza buffet
b.	Build your own sandwich with selection of meats
c.	 Italian buffet
d.	Fish / Chowder buffet.
4.	 Fix the Double beds vs  King rooms, more King bed rooms are
available, as usual first come first serve.
Mick Felton

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