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A  revision 3 of 12-251 is now available on the T10 web site:
It contain the following changes:
Added into the persistent connection model that a persistent connection as
being enabled when a SSP phy both receives and transmits an IDENTIFY address
frame with the PERSISTENT CAPABLE bit set to one.
Added information into the persistent connection model on how to handle the
Bus Inactivity Time Limit timer and the Maximum Connect Time Limit timer.
Qualified all places where the rules for persistent connection are defined
with "If persistent connection has been enabled (see 2.2.13)" or "If
persistent connection has not been enabled (see 2.2.13)".
Moved the reasonability for not placing an EXTEND_CONNECTION to the SSP
transmitter. As a result of that change all new text from the SSP_TF state
was removed.
Added a EXTEND_CONNECTION Transmitted message to the SSP transmitter.
Added transmission priority ordering rules to the SSP transmitter.
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