REPLACE LOST RESERVATION fixes uploaded ... again ... maybe for the last time

Ralph Weber roweber at
Tue Jul 24 14:18:24 PDT 2012

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* Ralph Weber <roweber at>
Based on the comments received during today's conference call,
I have posted a new revision of the proposal that fixes the
All those present on the call were satisfied with the gist of
the changes (if not the details too), but several participants
wanted a reasonable interval to review the final product before
incorporation in SPC-4.
With this in mind, my plan for making progress is as follows:
1) SPC-4 r36c will not include changes from 12-270; however
2) the changes will be incorporated in r36d unless significant
.. complaints are received before Friday 3 August.
This will give the 6 August call announced by George Penokie the
best possible chance to inspect the REPLACE LOST RESERVATION total
package in the posted SPC-4 r36d PDF file.
All the best,
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