SPC-4 Letter Ballot Responses r0 document is available

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Thu Jul 12 19:34:22 PDT 2012

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The initial revision of the SPC-4 Letter Ballot comments response 
document is available:
Despite what you might expect, the PDF file is definitely the place to 
start. Pages one and two contain instructions, and some summary data 
(and, for the gluttons out there, a link to the FDF file).
For those interested in what CAP needs to discuss on Monday, pages 3--6 
contain my outline of topics. This list is intrinsically a random walk 
through the available comments. If you know of an important comment or 
subject area that is not listed in 12-311r0, do not hesitate to lobby 
for its addition to the list.
Another file of interest might be:
However (sorry Bill), all roads lead back to 12-311r0.pdf. In this case, 
the main PDF file provides handy hot links into the SPC-4 r36b PDF file. 
Use this Acrobat hack to avoid a nasty slog through all the parts of 
SPC-4 that have not changed ... yet.
One last point needs an explanation. A focus of the effort thus far has 
been bringing the comments I wrote to resolution. In order for the 
letter ballot to begin in June, I was obliged break with tradition and 
write comments. I want to be as upfront about it as possible about this 
quirky turn of events.
Since is nearly impossible for me to write a letter ballot comment 
solely for the purposes of rejecting it, the committee deserves the 
longest possible time to inspect what I have changed in response to my 
own review. This is why the ENDL comments received extraordinary attention.
Have fun preparing for the Monday confab.
All the best,
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