spc4r33: persistent reservations preemtion

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The questions 1 & 2 still stand, though. I can't find an answer in
Sorry again for the noise.
On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:59 PM, Leonid Podolny
<leonid.podolny at xtremio.com>wrote:
> You are absolutely right, I forgot to say that all questions refer to
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Penokie, George
<George.Penokie at lsi.com>wrote:
>> If I understand your questions which are not clear as they do not
>> indicate what commands are being issued.
>> If the command in your number 1 comment is  a PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT
>> command with RELEASE service action, then the answer to number 1 is at the
>> end of section Releasing and is stated as:
>> If there is no persistent reservation or in response to a persistent
>> reservation release request from a registered I_T
>> nexus that is not a persistent reservation holder (see 5.9.10), the
>> device server shall do the following:
>> a) not release the persistent reservation, if any;
>> b) not remove any registrations; and
>> c) complete the command with GOOD status.
>> If not then I have no idea what you are asking.
>> Your second question is impossible to answer without knowing what command
>> is being issued.
>> The text under figure 6 in section Removing registrations
>> describes the case for an invalid SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY:
>> If a PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT with a PREEMPT service action or a PREEMPT
>> AND ABORT service action
>> sets the SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY field to a value that does not
>> match any registered reservation key, then
>> the device server shall complete the command with RESERVATION CONFLICT
>> status.
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>> Good day,
>> The most recent draft of SPC-4 doesn't seem to address two specific
>> scenarios. (Even if it does address these scenarios, it probably
>> merits a clarification, because I just can't find a definite answer).
>> I fail to understand the desired behavior in the following cases:
>> 1) There is no existing persistent reservation and SERVICE ACTION
>> RESERVATION KEY is zero. Should the server clean _all_ registrations
>> 2) There is an existing "All Registrants" reservation and the SERVICE
>> ACTION RESERVATION KEY equals the registration key of a requesting
>> nexus. Should the server remove the registration of the requesting
>> nexus (w/o creating a new reservation) or should it remove
>> registrations of all matching nexuses except for the requesting nexus?
>> If the answer is the latter, what happens with the reservation?
>> In addition, in figure 6, the server is required to validate the
>> SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY (the second rhombus at the top left
>> corner of the figure). What is the criteria of the validity of the
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