spc4r33: persistent reservations preemtion

Leonid Podolny leonid.podolny at xtremio.com
Sun Jan 29 04:11:44 PST 2012

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Good day,
The most recent draft of SPC-4 doesn't seem to address two specific
scenarios. (Even if it does address these scenarios, it probably
merits a clarification, because I just can't find a definite answer).
I fail to understand the desired behavior in the following cases:
1) There is no existing persistent reservation and SERVICE ACTION
RESERVATION KEY is zero. Should the server clean _all_ registrations
2) There is an existing "All Registrants" reservation and the SERVICE
ACTION RESERVATION KEY equals the registration key of a requesting
nexus. Should the server remove the registration of the requesting
nexus (w/o creating a new reservation) or should it remove
registrations of all matching nexuses except for the requesting nexus?
If the answer is the latter, what happens with the reservation?
In addition, in figure 6, the server is required to validate the
SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY (the second rhombus at the top left
corner of the figure). What is the criteria of the validity of the
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