SPL-2 : changes and clarifications for the transmitter training status reporting - working group

Tim Symons Tim_Symons at pmc-sierra.com
Wed Jan 18 14:37:40 PST 2012

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I have posted 12-083r0 to summarize the work to be addressed by a
subgroup of working group members who have an interest in this topic.
The recommendations (or a progress update) from the subgroup will be
presented at the next T10 face to face meeting.
If you would like to participate in the subgroup, please E-mail me so I
can include you in calls and E-mail threads. 
Thank you for your constructive input.
Tim Symons
Principal Engineer, PMC-Sierra Ltd.
Cell: 778 998 5025
E-mail Tim_Symons at pmc-sierra.com

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