spc4r33: persistent reservations preemption

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I believe the answers are:
1)	If there is no reservation then section Removing
registrations call out the rules. What action is taken depends on what the
reservation keys have been set to. In your example, any of the registrations
that have reservation keys that are set to zero are removed. If there are no
registrations that have a reservation key set to zero then a RESERVATION
CONFLICT occurs. In this example zero is just the value of a registrations
reservation key and has no special meaning.
2)	If there is an All Registrants reservation and the service action
reservation key is set to an non-zero value (in your example it is equal to
the reservation key of the requesting nexus), then table 54 states 'Remove
registrations' and references section Removing registrations. In
this case all the registrations that are equal to the service action
reservation key are removed. That will at a minimum include the registration
associated with the I_T nexus the command was received on. That I_T Nexus
will not receive a unit attention. But	any other registrations  that have
the same reservation key as in the SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY field will
also be removed and any of those will get a unit attention.
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The questions 1 & 2 still stand, though. I can't find an answer in
Sorry again for the noise.
On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:59 PM, Leonid Podolny
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You are absolutely right, I forgot to say that all questions refer to
On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Penokie, George
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If I understand your questions which are not clear as they do not indicate
what commands are being issued.
If the command in your number 1 comment is  a PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT command
with RELEASE service action, then the answer to number 1 is at the end of
section Releasing and is stated as:
If there is no persistent reservation or in response to a persistent
reservation release request from a registered I_T
nexus that is not a persistent reservation holder (see 5.9.10), the device
server shall do the following:
a) not release the persistent reservation, if any;
b) not remove any registrations; and
c) complete the command with GOOD status.
If not then I have no idea what you are asking.
Your second question is impossible to answer without knowing what command is
being issued.
The text under figure 6 in section Removing registrations
describes the case for an invalid SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY:
ABORT service action
sets the SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY field to a value that does not match
any registered reservation key, then
the device server shall complete the command with RESERVATION CONFLICT
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Good day,
The most recent draft of SPC-4 doesn't seem to address two specific
scenarios. (Even if it does address these scenarios, it probably
merits a clarification, because I just can't find a definite answer).
I fail to understand the desired behavior in the following cases:
1) There is no existing persistent reservation and SERVICE ACTION
RESERVATION KEY is zero. Should the server clean _all_ registrations
2) There is an existing "All Registrants" reservation and the SERVICE
ACTION RESERVATION KEY equals the registration key of a requesting
nexus. Should the server remove the registration of the requesting
nexus (w/o creating a new reservation) or should it remove
registrations of all matching nexuses except for the requesting nexus?
If the answer is the latter, what happens with the reservation?
In addition, in figure 6, the server is required to validate the
SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY (the second rhombus at the top left
corner of the figure). What is the criteria of the validity of the
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