SBC-3: T10 Letter Ballot T10LBVOTE 13-013r0

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Mon Dec 10 11:20:22 PST 2012

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Hello all,
For those of you making letter ballot comments on SBC-3, I would appreciate
receiving those comments in fdf format.  If you don't have the ability to
comment in fdf format, then, particularly if you only have a few comments,
text is fine.  If you have many comments and don't have the ability to
comment in fdf format, then please contact me, and I can supply you with a
version of the SBC-3 rev 35 pdf that will allow you to create comments in
Adobe reader.
Please feel free to send an email to me with any comments or questions that
you have about this stuff. 
Mark Evans
Email: mark.evans at
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