Minutes of August 10 Teleconference

Walter Hubis WHubis at fusionio.com
Fri Aug 24 12:30:03 PDT 2012

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At 10:00PST on August 10, 2012, Fusion-io hosted a T10 conference call to
present document 12-332r0, "Non-Volatile Memory Based Storage". The goal of
the call was to establish the best ways to incorporate the new features and
functionality that NVM combined with PCIe into the existing T10 SCSI
specifications. The key points:
- The meeting lasted an hour with around 40 participants. 
- Walt Hubis (Fusion-io) presented 12-332-r0.
- There was a great deal of discussion about the proposal and how to move
forward - about half of the meeting.
- There was no support for a new SCSI device type.
- The almost unanimous consensus was that a combination of modifications to
existing commands along with some new commands	would be the right way to
- The difficulty with the banded drive proposal was single out an example of
why a new class would not be a good way to proceed.
- Concerns were voiced that a new device type will break a lot of SCSI driver
- The next step is for Fusion-io to prepare a proposal that describes how we
propose to implement the primitives in the existing specifications.
    (1) Use WRITE SAME to implement Persistent TRIM.
    (2) Recommendation to refer to PERSISTENT TRIM as DETERMINISTIC TRIM.
    (3) Add a new type of provisioning to accommodate these needs. 
    (4) Prepare a presentation detailing Scattered Atomic Writes use case, 
	where not all of the segments are atomic.
- It was recommended that this be presented to T13 (ATA), as there will be
side effects in the SCSI/ATA Translation layer (SAT).
<Not a complete list - please let me know if you want your attendance
Mr. HengLiang Zhang	     Futurewei Technologies Inc
Mr. Roy Clark		     EMC Corporation
Mr. Paul Suhler 	     Quantum Corporation
Mr. Don Harwood 	     OCZ Technology Group Inc
Mr. Chris Fore		     NetApp
Dr. Peter Onufryk	     Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
Mr. Dan Colegrove	     HGST
Mr. Jim Hatfield	     Seagate Technology
Mr. Gerald Houlder	     Seagate Technology
Mr. Stephen Finch	     Western Digital Corporation
Mr. John Geldman	     Lexar Media Inc
Mr. John Merrill	     Intel Corporation
Mr. David Black 	     EMC Corprotation
Mr. Frederick Knight	     NetApp 
Mr. Walt Hubis		     Fusion-io Corporation
Walt Hubis
Storage Standards Architect
Phone: (+1) 303.641.8528
Email: whubis at fusionio.com
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