New SPC-4 Letter Ballot documents uploaded

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Fri Aug 3 21:08:15 PDT 2012

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A new SPC-4 Letter Ballot document set has been uploaded.
As before, the right place to start is:
The new files will be the sources of conversation during the
Monday (8/6) conference call:
Of particular note is the fact that one of the pollable sense
data comments (HP-115) has been reopened based on the e-mail
message reproduced below. This will be discussed Monday unless
the SSC WG representation is zero.
All the best,
Hi Ralph,
On further review of clause (Selecting pollable sense data to 
return), I don't think item 2) sub item 4) is needed. The NOT READY 
sense key cases described in SSC-x would fall under item 1) sub item 2) 
and the NO SENSE sense key cases would fall under item 2) sub item 5) if 
sub item 4) was not present. That was the configuration I remember from 
the discussion at CAP.
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