Still time to register for SAS Technology Showcase

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Mon Apr 30 05:37:07 PDT 2012

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T10 Members,
I know that many of you have already registered for next week's SAS
Technology Showcase taking place in connection with the T10 and STA meetings
in Santa Clara -- but if you haven't yet, THERE'S STILL TIME.
For information about the event, please download:
To register, please visit:
There's no charge to attend and it should be an excellent chance to catch up
with old friends, meet new ones, and witness first hand how the technology
you all work on is being positioned to the market.
Michael LoBue
  SCSI Trade Association
	Michael LoBue, CAE
	PO Box 29920 • 572 B Ruger Street
	San Francisco, CA  94129-0920
	Direct:  +1.415.561.6111
	lobue at

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