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Thu Sep 22 01:09:14 PDT 2011

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Hello Mt.Fuji people,
Panasonic have finished our detailed review on Rev0.99.
The results are posted on the following FTP server.
> URL for Browser: ftp://ftp3678:OO&shIA&
> This password is valid only for 2 days.
>   * valid until: 2011/09/24 16:53:03 (JST, UTC+9)
Summary of the comments;
1. Linking size;
    - The linking method should "xKB" followed always by the word
    - For the size of the linking loss area, "kibytes" should be used.
2. Capitalization
  We need to decide the capitalization rules;
    - "track" or "Track" for CD Logical Track
    - "Session-at-Once", "Session At Once", "Session at Once", "Session
      at once" or "Session-at-once"
    - "command" or "Command"
    - "region" or "Region" of RPC
    - "Region code" or "Region Code"
    - "reserved RZone" or "Reserved RZone" and also how about "Empty
      reserved RZone", "Partially recorded reserved RZone"
    - "multi-border", "multi-Border" or "Multi-Border"
    - "Border zone", "Border-zone" or "Border Zone"
    - "Host" or "host"
Additional comments;
  - The document title "Mt.Fuji Ver.7 Revision 1.09" in the property
    must be updated to Ver8 Rev1.0.
  - The document looks including MS-Micho font, according to the
Best Regards,
Harry Ai
AVC Networks Company,
Panasonic Corporation
Osaka, Japan
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