Please explain functionality of DPRY bit in FORMAT UNIT paraemeter data

rajasekhar kurapati rajasekharmsc at
Wed Sep 21 22:40:35 PDT 2011

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Dear T10 members,
This query is related to DPRY bit in the parameter data of the FORMAT UNIT
If DPRY bit set to 1 then device server shall not use PLIST while formatting
the drive to find the defects, so it will not delete the PLIST.
Please explain the functionality of DPRY bit set to zero in the Parameter
data of FORMAT UNIT command.
Does device server will use the defects in PLIST while formatting the drive
when DPRY = 0?
If it uses the PLIST will it remove the PLIST?
If the device server can't delete PLIST in both the cases DPRY = 0 and DPRY
= 1 then pelase explain the significance of the DPRY bit
*Description in the spec r27 Section*
A disable primary (DPRY) bit set to zero specifies that the device server
shall not use parts of the medium
identified as defective in the PLIST for application client accessible
logical blocks. If the device server is not able to locate the PLIST or it
is not able to determine whether a PLIST exists, then the device server
shall take the action specified by the STPF bit.
A DPRY bit set to one specifies that the device server shall not use the
PLIST to identify defective areas of the medium. The PLIST shall not be

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