Thumbstick vs HD

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Sun Sep 18 21:32:20 PDT 2011

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The Block Device Characteristics VPD page (B1h) contains a MEDIUM
ROTATION RATE parameter, about which the SBC-3 spec says:
0001h - non-rotating medium (e.g., solid state)
0401h to FFFEh - nominal medium rotation rate in rpm....
However, this VPD page is optional, and it also contains:
0000h - medium rotation rate is not reported.
So, you have an optional parameter in an optional VPD page.  If it is
there, it is likely accurate, but if it isn't there, you are just left
to guessing.
From: Peter Van Hove [mailto:peter at] 
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2011 12:00 PM
To: T10 Reflector
Subject: Thumbstick vs HD
Is there a way (and if so, what is it) to distinguish between a
(removable) thumbstick (memory stick or card) and a (removable) HD ?
I would like to recognize what is what.

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