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The issues I had was related to VPN access.  I eventually had to speak 
with the hotels provider directly.  It turns out that wireless networks 
available were both hhonors and Doubletree.  If hhonors is used, the VPD 
does not work.	The Doubletree needs to be used.
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Thursday’s room is being changed to Baldwin(one door down from Chandler), 
it should hopefully also provide better wireless service.
Thursday 9/15	   9  10  11  12   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
  Baldwin	   | CAP WG	 |XXX| T10 Plenary/ SOP    |	(45/50/30)
Anyone having issues with the hotel please send me a personal note on your 
issue so I can address the issue for next year. The biggest one is the 
wireless during our meetings..
Thanks everyone for attending a very successful T10 meeting!

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