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Hello Katata-san,
If these questions are framed in response to my inquiry about proper system
shutdown when media is present then these problems are not an issue since the
host OS already has to handle having media in the drive on a subsequent
power-on.   My previous inquiry to this condition was specific to how the
media or drive would not be damaged in this case since comments were made at
previous Mt.Fuji meetings that indicated there was an issue with media or
drive damage.	At the August 2011 meeting the issue was framed as an issue
of data loss, not media or drive damage.   My first inquiry is to determine
the proper shutdown procedures necessary for the drive when media is present.
If the questions are relative to a S4/Hibernation then the OS also has the
responsibility of handling new media being changed or inserted while the
system was powered off using the emergency eject mechanism, and this case is
also currently handled by the OS.   The shutdown issue is similar to that
described in the system shutdown paragraph shown above.
The unique case is if the system is running and the drive is powered off and
then back on at some later time.  In this case it would be the host OS
responsibility to handle the device becoming ready, which means being ready
to handle items 2 and 3 that are listed below.	For ZPODD without media the
OS already has to handle the Unit Attention indicating " LOGICAL UNIT IS IN
PROCESS OF BECOMING READY", so extending this to media present would be
This subject brings up two related questions for Mt.Fuji: 
a. Would the Unit Attention indicating "NOT READY TO READY CHANGE, MEDIUM MAY
HAVE CHANGED" only happen when medium was changed while the drive was powered
off, or will it always happen?	 
b. Is the stated "1 minutes length to be ready with the installed disk" a
boundary condition?   I don't believe Intel has seen the device come ready in
that long of period of time.   If this is more common than what Intel has
observed then we'd need to establish a minimum detection period on power-on
when media is present.
Regards, MKE
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Hello Michael and all,
I have question to you about following action item in meeting minutes;
Action Item 12.4: Members will send opinion about Safe shut down method by
When host turn off the drive power that has a disc, host will have following
During power off,
1. User may change the disc in the drive by emergency eject mechanism.
At the power resume,
2. drive will report 2/04/01 Not Ready LOGICAL UNIT IS IN PROCESS OF BECOMING
READY about 1 minutes length to be ready with the installed disc.
3. drive will report 6/28/00 Unit Attention NOT READY TO READY CHANGE, MEDIUM
MAY HAVE CHANGED and NewMedia Event.
If you have a good idea to deal with these problems, please let me know.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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