Logical vs. physical blocks on various media and how to detect

Peter Van Hove peter at Smart-Projects.net
Wed Oct 12 01:53:16 PDT 2011

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Dear Yuji-san,
> Did you try Read CD Command for reading ecc data?
I'm not sure why you ask ?
> Flash Memory needs Erase oparation before writing data.
> Erase op. could not issue on each page, it can issue only on a Block( 16 - 
> 64 pages ).
> If one page data could not correct error, all other page data on same 
> block can not be correctable.
So do I understand correctly and is it the case that if one page is 
unreadable the entire block (16-64 pages) will be unreadable ?
Is there a way to find out this underlying architecture on a higher level, 
in software ?
> ECC on MLC NAND type Flash Memory does not put sector by sector. ( One 
> Sector = 512Bytes )
I'm not entirely sure that I understand this ? 
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