Background operations and power loss expected

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Hi Truong,
A self-test being performed in the background mode is an operation that is
not a background operation.  This is defined in the device specific
background functions clause in SPC-4, which includes a sentence that reads,
“Device specific background functions do not include self-test operations
or background scan operations (see SBC-3).”
Please feel free to call or send an email to me with any comments or
questions that you have about this stuff. 
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Subject: Background operations and power loss expected
In 10-144r3 (SPC:4 Self-test and SEND DIAGNOSTIC command clean-up), text was
added to the Self-test operations Background mode model clause, specifying
changes regarding power loss expected handling. Specifically, in sub-clause Background mode (SPC-4r32), the following text was added:
"A SCSI target device shall abort a self-test being performed in the
background mode as the result of a power loss expected event (see SAM-4)."
However, in SAM-4r14 (and in SAM-5r07), the following text is present in
sub-clause 5.5 Command lifetime:
"Background operations shall not be aborted by I_T nexus loss or power loss
When a power loss expected event occurs, which is the correct behaviour in
terms of the background self-test? Should it be aborted or not be aborted?
Truong Nguyen
Samsung Information Systems

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