SCSI over PCI Express meeting June 16-17, 2011

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at
Wed May 18 09:39:25 PDT 2011

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LSI Corporation is hosting a T10 face-to-face meeting on SOP and PQI June
16-17, 2011 near the Denver Airport as follows:
Thur, June 16 12:00 n  -- 6:30 pm MDT  Lunch will be served
Fri,  June 17  8:30 am -- 3:00 pm MDT  Breakfast and Lunch will be served
    Location: Denver Airport Marriott
	      16455 E. 40th Circle
	      Aurora, CO 80011
       Phone: 303-371-4333
	 Fax: 303-371-1668
   Hotel URL:

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