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Hello all,
I posted files on ftp.
Visio-StateDiagram_20110516.pdf is Ai-san of Panasonic posted file.
Here is my opinion to explain my proposal.
Current ZP ODD scheme:
ZP ODD effort is a kind of power management that consists of host work and
Host may manage the drive power state incorrectly.
Reason of the problem:
Current ZP ODD scheme uses indirect information such as Sense Code or Media
Status byte to perform the power management by host. Host must guess the
ZP ready condition from the indirect information.
ZP Ready Event proposal scheme:
To solve the problem of the Current ZP ODD scheme, ZP Ready Power State and
Ready Event are proposed.
1. The ZP Ready Power State defines direct information of the ZP power
management for host. So host can obtain the exact condition of the drive.
2. Consistent scheme of the power management is defined. The ZP Ready Power
State is added in the current Power management scheme. State recognition (ZPR
state), State change report (ZPR event) and power management method (ZPR
bit/timer) are prepared in the Power Condition mode page.
3. Future Power management scheme expansion in the specification is possible.
ZPR state definition is expandable for future.
New power state (ZPR state) and new timer (ZPR timer) may not be compatible
the existing host software. The incompatibility may cause problem.
To remove the possible problem ZPR bit and two types of page length of Power
condition mode page are repaired.
Note that adding a note at the ?15.1 Goals: of ZPE-SATA_OZE.pdf is only
of the model section.
Reply to the comments:
?     Compatibility with ATA command
<Ans.> No relationship of Power state between MMC and ATA is defined in any
specification. But current harmony between MMC (Active, Idle, Standby) and
(Active, Idle ,Standby) is kept.
?     Compatibility between ZP control software module and legacy software
module. Some change of the method to set the timer or condition control of
Parameter Page may be needed.
<Ans.> ZPR bit scheme of Power Condition mode page will remove possible
incompatibility problem. I also added " Basic host operation to
Mode Parameter(s)" for new host side implmentation of ZPRevent.
?     Change of the Mode parameter page may have some impact for
<Ans.> Two types of page length of Power Condition mode page will remove
possible incompatibility problem.
?     ATA Idle command compatibility
<Ans.> The equivalent command to ATA Idle command (Pick up head parking)
be Stop Unit request of the Start Stop Unit command (FL=0, Power=0, Start=0,
?     A command which enters a drive into ZPready state.
<Ans.> It is not possible and is not necessary.
Because there is possibility to define multiple of conditions that cannot
by the command. User intervention may be necessary for entering into the
Because power consumption of ZPready state is same with power consumption of
Standby state. Standby request of the Start Stop Unit command is enough.
?     ZPready condition with a disc
New ZPready event proposal can cover this. But Authentication for content
protection (CSS, AACS, CPRM) will disappear by omitting the drive power. So
the beginning of the ZPODD effort discussion, we agreed that the condition
the omitting the drive power will not include ?with disc condition. ZPready
event proposal may be able to be expanded for it, but I may not propose it.
Please send any question or comment to reflector.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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