Meeting Transcript for SCSI over X (SOX)

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Meeting Transcript for SCSI over X (SOX)
Basic Meeting Information:
Meeting Topic: SCSI over X (SOX)
Meeting number:  744 770 461
Start Time: Monday, March 28, 2011 11:38:34 AM(GMT -7:00)
End Time: Monday, March 28, 2011 02:01:59 PM(GMT -7:00) 
Meeting URL:
Attendee List:
CURTIS STEVENS, Eaves Dropper, Dan Colegrove [Hitachi GST], Eric Behnke,
Kevin Marks (Dell), Joel Silverman (Kawasaki Microelectronics), John Garney
(MCCI), Brad Besmer, Dave May, Michael Ko (Huawei Symantec), John Geldman
(Lexar), Amit Shah, Gary Goodwin (Pliant), George Penokie (LSI), Bill
Martin, Rob Elliott (HP), Truong Nguyen (Samsung), Andy Goodwin (Xyratex),
Fred Fons, Ie Wei Njoo (PMC), Pak Seto (Intel), Paul Wassenberg (Marvell),
Tim Symons (PMC-Sierra), Michael Koffman, Joe Breher (lingua data), Cameron
Brett, Dave Uddenberg, Pravin Singh [STEC], Min-Jie Chong (Agilent), murthy
kompella, Mark Evans (WD), David Geddes, Mladen Luksic, Call in User, Neil &
Joe, SteveJ (LSI), Purush Gupta (Pliant Tech), Chris Fore (NetApp), Erik
Jacobson (WDC), Greg McSorley, Michael Shapiro, Lee Cleveland, Swapna
Yasarapu, Craig W. Carlson (QLogic), Susan, Stephen Finch (WD), dave
landsman (sandisk), Bob Sheffield (LSI), Craig W. Carlson (QLogic), Kishore
Karthikeyan, Judy Brock (Samsung), Dennis Sugioka(WD), Ross Stenfort
(SandForce), Neal (Lexar/Micron), Marty, Mike Fitz (Toshiba), Joe (HP) &
Neil (PMC), sam edirisooriya, Mark Seidel (Intel), Steve Sardella, 
Please do not dial into the conference first.  It is important that the
WebEx be started first.
The simplest way to join this meeting is to click the link in #1 below.  If
that does not work, goto, select unlisted meeting
under attend a meeting in the left pane, and then enter the meeting number
(744 770 461).
When the WebEx client starts, you will be asked for your name and E-Mail
address.  Please enter your name with your company name in parens (e.g.,
Curtis Stevens (WD)).  
You will then be added to the teleconference.  At this point a second window
will appear with the Dial-in Information including an attendee ID#.  Dial
the conference, enter the meeting code, followed by the attendee ID.  It is
important that this step be followed.  The reason is that your phone will be
matched with your webex session.  Failure to do this will cause you to be
displayed twice in the participants panel.
I will be starting the WebEx about 30 minutes early to allow people time to
connect and start the meeting on time.
I have over 40 people who have RSVP'ed for this meeting.  I plan on muting
everyone.  In the participants panel there is a raise hand button.  If you
raise your hand I will unmute you.  I believe that this procedure will make
it easier to here the speaker and resulting conversations.  You will be able
to see that you are muted in the participants panel and will have the
ability to unmute yourself.  If you have not followed the instructions
listed previously, you will not know which phone is yours and will be unable
to activate your voice or raise the hand corresponding with your phone.
T10 SOX Teleconference 
March 28 12noon-2pm PT
Curtis Stevens - WD
Rob Elliott - HP
Amit Shah
Ie Wei Njoo - PMC
Amit Shah - 
Andy Goodwin - Xyratex
Bill Martin - Emulex
Bob Sheffield - LSI
Brad Besmer - 
Cameron Brett - 
Chris Fore - NetApp
Craig W Carlson - Qlogic
Dan Colegrove - Hitachi GST
Dave Landsman - Sandisk
Dave May - Pliant
Dave Uddenberg - LSI
David Geddes - Marvell
Eric Behnke - 
Erik Jacobson - WD
Fred Fons - 
Gary Goodwin - Pliant
George Penokie - LSI
Greg McSorley
Joe Breher - Lingua Data
Joel Silverman -Kawasaki
John Garney - MCCI
John Geldman - Lexar
Judy Brock - Samsung
Kevin Marks - Dell
Kishore Karthikeyan - Intel
Lee Cleveland - 
Mark Evans - WD
Mark Seidel - Intel
Michael Ko - Huawei Symantec
Michael Koffman - WD
Michael Shapiro - 
Min-Je Chong - Agilent
Mladen Luksic - WD
Murthy Kompella - Emulex
Neal Galbo - Micron
Neil Wanamaker - PMC-Sierra
Joe - HP
Pak Seto - Intel
Paul Wassenberg - Marvell
Pravin Singh - STEC
Purush Gupta - Pliant
Rob Elliott - HP
Sam Edrisooriya - 
Stephen Finch - WD
Steve Johnson - LSI
Steve Sardella - EMC
Susan - 
Swapna Yasarapu - STEC
Tim Symons - PMC-Sierra
Truong Nguyen - Samsung
Reviewed 11-157r0 PTI (Ie Wei Njoo)
Reviewed 11-158r2 SOP (Neil Wanamaker)
Reviewed 11-166r0 PTI Scatter Gather Elements and Lists (Steve Johnson)
Curtis E. Stevens
Director, Standards & Features Technology
3355 Michelson Dr. #100
Office: 1-1041
Irvine, Ca. 92612
Phone: 949-672-7933
Cell: 949-307-5050
E-Mail: Curtis.Stevens at  
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