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Hi, Katata-san and Mt. Fuji members,
Sorry for not be able to participate in the last Mt. Fuji meeting. I am glad
to know that the proposed spec changes regarding DVD RPC were voted and
With regard to the action item under section 9.2 of the draft minutes, the
byte length of READ DISC STRUCTURE Data for READ DISC STRUCTURE command with
Format Code = 86h is 24,580 (Byte 0 to Byte 24,579) and therefore value of
the DISC STRUCTURE Data Length field should be set to 6002h (24,578 in
decimal), as specified in Section of AACS Introduction and Common
Cryptographic Elements Book. This document is available at the AACS web site
(www.aacsla.com<<a href="http://www.aacsla.com/&gt">http://www.aacsla.com/&gt;).
Best Regards,
Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba
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Hello all,
I posted meeting minutes on ftp.
I hope all members are safety and could have activity as well.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata

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