Potential SMC-3 conference call - Proposed time change

Ballard, Curtis C (StorageWorks) curtis.ballard at hp.com
Mon Mar 14 10:10:18 PDT 2011

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* "Ballard, Curtis C (StorageWorks)" <curtis.ballard at hp.com>
On March 9th I proposed an SMC-3 conference call for letter ballot comment
resolution for April 13th from 8:00 AM PDT to 10:00 AM PDT.
There were no objections to that time however the T10 Plenary meeting on
March 10th approved a Copy Offload conference call that overlaps with the
second hour of the SMC-3 meeting as they were not able to find another time
that could get the desired attendance.
I would like to try to move the SMC-3 conference call so that people that
want to are able to attend the Copy Offload conference call.
Proposed alternatives:
Start an hour earlier: 7:00 AM PST - pretty early for those in California
Move to April 20th at the same time
I'm open to other alternatives.
Curtis Ballard
Hewlett Packard
StorageWorks Division
Fort Collins, CO
(970) 898-3013
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