Meeting Minutes of Extra meeting at Feb. 28 2011

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Hello all,
Here is the Meeting Minutes of Extra meeting at Feb. 28 2011.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
Meeting Minutes of Extra meeting at Feb. 28 2011
      Kobayashi   Sony
      Harai	  HLDS
      Akahoshi	  Hitachi
      Ai	  Panasonic
      Katata		Pioneer
Table of Content does not conform to body.
-> TOC is generated automatically. It will be fixed in the next version.
AACS Spec. list should have Red Laser Recordable spec.
-> Confirmation is needed.
There were two independent DMA, DMA of DVD, DMA of BDA.
-> DMA of BD is expressed in Disc Management Area.
There are "gigabytes"  and "gbytes".
-> Definition of Gbytes is needed and change them to Gbytes.
There are many command name those are not linked.
-> Change them to linked reference.
Typo "ERRPR" that is same error in BD Command proposal.
-> Fix them.
Read/Send Disc Structure Format Code should be added in PAC section.
-> Make them linked reference with Format Code.
Is the BindingNonce sector number of BD 1?
-> it is 1.
There are many "Drive".
-> Change them to logical unit.
There are Session/Border with capitalized or not capitalized.
-> Make them all capitalized.
There is no explanation in Table 738-Track/RZone Status Indications.
-> Add an explanation and explanation of BD.
There is no explanation about Address Mode Reservation.
-> Add explanation about Address Mode Reservation and BD case.
RPC change proposal is not posted.
-> Post them to reflector.
There is no reference to BD Command Set proposal document from BDA.
-> Add the ftp address in Change History section.
BD Command Set proposal document should be post to T10.
-> Ask to John T10 chair.
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