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All STA & T10 member reps are invited to an evening of pizza, beer and
information on Monday, March 7 at the upcoming face-to-face meetings at the
Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport (Full meeting info here:
announce/ann-m102.pdf). Note the evening has been extended to 9:30 PM due to
the full agenda of presentations. 
STA-T10 information Exchange
Monday, March 7 * 7pm to 9:30pm
Sponsored by Intel*
1.	   STA Refresh
o   Introduction, New board and Membership Status - Harry Mason (LSI),	Chris
Lyon (STA)
o   Logo & Roadmap Updates – Cameron Brett (PMC)
o   Website refresh –Susan Bobholz
2.	   MultiLink SAS™ Update– Marty Czekalski (Seagate) 
3.	   Copy Offload – Fred Knight (NetApp)
4.	   SFF - 12Gb/s Connectors – Greg McSorley (Amphenol), Scott Shuey
(Tyco), Jay Neer (Molex)
5.	     SOP Overview – Rob Elliott (HP)
o    SOP  (T10 new WG) Objectives
    i.	   Command set (SOP)
    ii.     Transport (Support pillar)
    iii.     Connector (Support pillar)
o   SOP: Proposal A: - Steve Johnson (LSI)
o   SOP Proposal B: - Susan Bobholz (Intel)
o   SOP Proposal C: - Cameron Brett (PMC)
 o   Multiport, multi-protocol, MultiLink “like” connector – SFF discussion
Preview – Speaker TBD
o  Proposal A
o  Proposal B
o   Wrap-up/Summary/Feedback/Suggestions
*NOTE: Sponsorships are still available. Please email
<clyon at scsita.htm>clyon at scsita.org if you would like to sponsor this event.
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