11-292r0 : PQI draft 0 candidate posted

Tim Symons Tim_Symons at pmc-sierra.com
Wed Jun 29 15:21:36 PDT 2011

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To fellow members of the SOP/PQI working group:
11-292r0 was posted on Tuesday 28th June and is the revision that
follows 11-157r9.
Document 11-292r0 includes the changes recommended by the SOP/PQI
working group on Monday 27th June.
Please review document 11-292r0 as this will be proposed to become PQI
draft rev0 at the face to face meeting on 12th July.
When we have a draft 0 this will enable new proposals and concepts to be
brought forward that can reference against a consistent baseline
Tim Symons
Principal Engineer, PMC-Sierra Ltd.
Cell: 778 998 5025
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