Questions/comments regarding 11-036r6 proposal (Transmitter training)

Karthikeyan, Kishore K kishore.k.karthikeyan at
Wed Jun 15 10:32:13 PDT 2011

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Hi all
I had some comments on the 11-036r6 proposal that I was hoping to get covered
in the call today but the email I sent last night bounced from t10 reflector
and unfortunately, I missed today's conference call too.
Given below are the review comments/questions from my review of pages 1- 88
of 11-036r6.
Pg 33, last line
"If the phy's receiver does not detect a pattern marker after a Train_Tx
pattern then the pattern marker shall be invalid.
What is the above statement trying to say? As there is no time bound for this
pattern detection, what scenario is this statement trying to cover?
Pg 35
The control/status TTIU is used by a phy to:
a) ....
b) ......
Statement b) does not match the contents of the fields. Training status word
contents are not used to receive status of the attached phy's transmitter. It
is used to convey the current status of the transmitter training to the
attached phy.
Pg 44
[cid:image003.png at 01CC2B45.51A8B350]
Shouldn't this read as follows --> then a new Train_Tx-SNW shall be performed
(if possible) or Train_Rx-SNW shall be performed (if Train_Tx-SNW not
possible) based on the next highest, untried, commonly supported settings.
Pg 37
In the paragraph about phy reset problem
A phy reset problem occurs:
a) ----
b) ----
c) ----
Shouldn't we also add one more condition to this to cover Train_Tx-SNW?
d) after a Train_Tx-SNW, if the Train_Tx-SNW is invalid and there are no
additional, untried, commonly supported settings.
See pg 81 -->
Pg 54
Just below the figure
Spelling mistake -->  Transmitter
Page 53, last line
Grammatical error --> after "of"
pg 55
Typo in figure --> TTIU instead of ITTU
Pg 81
Instead of "the phy shall", it should be "this state shall" in 2)
Pg 88
typo (use 1,2 and 3 instead of 1,1,1 in these paragraphs for the "transmitter
Adjustment complete" and the "current coefficient")
Just for my understanding, what was the reason for disabling OOB detection
during Train-Tx window? We don't disable it for Train-Rx then why disable it
for Train-Tx?

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