Issues with diagrams in 11-036r9

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Figure 17, on page 46, shows the Train_Tx-SNW as being composed of RCDT and
MTTT before exiting to Train_RX-SNW.  There are two issues with this:
1.	  Figure 16 shows the Train_Tx-SNW.  It consists of RCDT followed by
MRTT.  In the case of Train_Tx-SNW exiting to Train_Rx-SNW, the RCDT does
not exist.  Therefore, technically, what the Train_Tx-SNW is going to is
only a part of the Train_Rx-SNW.
2.	 Figure 17 shows MTTT as occurring before the transition to
Train_Rx-SNW.  In fact, if MTTT is met, the transition will not be to
3.	 Figure 16 has the same issue for MRTT as in item 2.
I think the text in the state machines is what is intended.  It just that
one could misinterpret the diagrams.
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