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Hello all,
The editorial meeting had finished.
Editors created Rev. 0.893 and I posted it on ftp.
Please see the change history.
We also discuss about State Diagram editing. Some descriptions were edited.
will be submitted at the next July meeting.
We had following extra discussed items.
1. Host initialization items
We discussed about host initialization after Table 319 - logical unit
in "15.3.2 logical unit readiness after power supply is resumed".
If we need some information to be written, we will discuss it in the next
2. FW update behavior
We discussed about more information that may be written. For example, FW
software may update OS GESN cache for Power State by an intentionally GESN
command before FW writing to the drive.
3. Initial setting of ZPready Timer
Is it active at Power on/hard reset or not? Should it be selectable by PC
See you at Toshiba, Japan.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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