Strange reference regarding Buffer Capacity field

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at
Thu Jul 7 07:52:44 PDT 2011

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I discovered the following sentence in SPC-4 rev. 31, clause 6.16.2, under
table 193:
"The relationship between the BUFFER CAPACITY field and the CDB ALLOCATION
LENGTH field is defined in"
A reading of reveals no mention of how the buffer capacity field
might relate to Allocation Length. There is a reference to "data is
transferred until the allocation length is satisfied or all available data
has been transferred, whichever is less". The description of "all available
data" is actually within 6.16.2, so this reference is unnecessary. The
generic sentence in previous clause stating "If the mode is not set to one,
the ALLOCATION LENGTH field is defined in" is sufficient.
I think the sentence imputing a relationship between Buffer Capacity field
and Allocation Length field should be deleted, it is more likely to cause
confusion than allow understanding. Please add this item to the CAP agenda
for discussion.

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