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Thanks, Katata-san.
Meeting place for Feb meeting.
Feb 15 and 16.
Microsoft Main Campus - Building 37.
16071 NE 36th Way
98052, United States
Attendees over phone:
Atishay Kumar (Atishay.Kumar at microsoft.com) - Microsoft Corporation
Nathan Hu (chonghu at microsoft.com)- Microsoft Corporation
Jing Liu (jil at microsoft.com)- Microsoft Corporation
Eschmann, Michael K (michael.k.eschmann at intel.com) - Intel
Leete, Brian A (brian.a.leete at intel.com) - Intel
Kalowsky, Daniel (daniel.kalowsky at intel.com)   - Intel
I do not recall any other attendees over phone.
We are working on the revised spec and slide deck with issues so that we
could discuss them over phone before the Feb Fuji meeting. My aim is to get
voting done in Feb meeting which resolves our issues. Obviously, voting
depends on how we plan address issues which we report to Fuji Meeting.
Could you also send us notes about the action items that were assigned to
attendees in Tokyo?  I do not recall them on top of my head.
Other than that, I have  a question. How does pop-up lid work? If it just
work as I saw in Dec Fuji meeting, how would DA work on it. There is just a
mechanical switch which opens the lid by releasing the hook? I am curious to
know the internals of how it would result in DA if ODD is turned off.
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Subject: [MtFuji] Posted: Meeting Minutes
Hello all,
I posted meeting minutes of ftp as follows;
I should update attendance list who attended these two meetings via
Artishy could you provide name and company name of attendees to me.
And Artishy could you provide Feb. meeting place information to us ASAP.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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