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Hello Katata-san,
The T10 CAP working group considered your 'Consulting item' today and they
have agreed to change item c) in the first list within section 5.12.1 Power
management overview as follows:
 c) commands that manage power conditions (e.g., a START STOP UNIT command in
SBC-3 or MMC-6);
The change is the addition of 'or MMC-6'. This will appear in SPC-4 revision
Hopefully, this will help readers find the sleep information in MMC.
Best regards,
At 12/13/2010 11:28 PM, keiji_katata at wrote:
>Dear John,
>I have one report, one consulting item and one question.
>Fuji group has started new period of Fuji Ver. 8 to discuss ODD command set
>(MMC). It will expand function of some existing Command and will expand the
>response data. It may not add new Command or new SK/ASC/ASCQ. We have a plan
>release Rev. 1.00 on March 2011. Then it will be submitted to SFFC/T10.
>We welcome any comment from you and T10 members.
>Consulting item:
>MMC has a unique Power Condition State that is Sleep Power Condition. It has
>lowest power consumption and missing of some device context is possible.
>Therefore when a device recovered from the Sleep Power Condition state the
>device may report Unit Attention Condition. This is different from Stopped
>Fuji group think that SPC may have a reference to MMC5 description about
>Power Condition as well as the reference to SBC.
>Could you discuss this in T10?
>I have question about MMC6 current condition. You wrote "it is at INCITS
>Management Review" in the answer email to Atishay at Oct. 28. As you know,
>has some errors and no one may revise them now.
>Could you explain the meaning of "INCITS Management Review"?
>Best regards,
>Keiji Katata
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