[MtFuji] Posted: change of MediaRemoval event

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Thank you Katata-san.
I also want to thank ODD manufacturers for sharing their findings on LoChange
and MediaRemoval.
May I request fuji group members to update their findings and add what
response is generated for Test Unit Ready  in following cases
* Logical unit is busy detecting media
* Incompatible media has been detected
* correct media has been detected
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Hello all,
I'm working to update Fuji7R1.21 to include the ZPODD confirmed items in
February meeting.
Only technical change of document to fit to actual implementation is update
of MediaRemoval event.
I posted the proposal on ftp.

I have more work for ZPODD annex that will not have any technical changes but
will show mandatory functions that shall be supported by host and drive
Please give me more time for this work.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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