ISV feeddback requested on SSC-4 proposal 10-068r4

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Tue Feb 8 12:51:10 PST 2011

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The SSC-4 working group is in the process of attempting to clarify the 
behavior of tape drives in response to the LOAD/UNLOAD command with the 
various bit setting combinations. The tape vendors in attendance at the 
working group, HP, IBM, Oracle, Quantum have differences in current 
behavior but have stated they wish to come to agreement on a common set of 
behaviors in order to help the industry.
The SSC-4 working group is requesting feedback on the proposal in the 
following link.  There are two options but don't feel limited by them. One 
of the working groups concerns is that we don't go overboard and cause 
changes for corner cases that are not likely to occur in the real world. 
Please include in any feedback the cases that need addressed as well as 
listing the cases that you believe are corner cases and not likely to 
Please respond to one or all of the following:
SSC-4 Editor, David Peterson -> dpeterso at Brocade.COM
SSC-4 WG Secretary, Kevin Butt -> kdbutt at
The T10 reflector -> t10 at
The proposal being examined can be found at:
Click on the link and if you haven't been to the T10 website in some time 
the following form will pop up and require you to fill it out.	Fill it 
out as shown here then click on the "submit" button.
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