QUESTION: writesame10, dif2, ato=1, wrprotect=0 ref tag

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Thu Feb 3 13:08:54 PST 2011

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SBC3R24, table 108 (WriteSame10, LBDATA=0, PBDATA=0) states:
If the medium is formatted with type 1 or type 2 protection information,
a) The device server shall place the value from each LOGICAL BLOCK
REFERENCE TAG field received in the single block of data from the data-out
buffer into the corresponding LOGICAL BLOCK REFERENCE TAG field of the
first logical block written to the medium. The device sever shall place the
value of the previous LOGICAL BLOCK REFERENCE TAG field plus one into
each of the subsequent LOGICAL BLOCK REFERENCE TAG fields;
My question is what value does the target write for the REF tag in 
DIF2 mode, ATO=1, wrprotect=0 for WriteSame10.	Does it write the LBA 
value or 0xFFFFFFFF?   If it behaves like a write10, it would be 
0xFF... but the spec seems just vague enough to allow the LBA value 
|from the CDB to be used.  Can someone please clarify.
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