Questions on SES specification -> Enclosure Logical Identifier (ELI)

Raj Divecha Raj.Divecha at
Tue Dec 20 17:01:00 PST 2011

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Mostly all old and new specifications of SES (2r20) mention that ELI shall be
unique to a subenclosure and may be different from the WWN of the LU
providing the enclosure services. As far as the definition is concerned, it
simple to understand. However, I am not able to make out the purpose of
having an ELI. I tried looking in SPC (4r12) but didn't found any reference.
I then looked in SPL (r07) and found a reference which pointed to the
definition in SES. Thus, I am not getting any clear idea about its use or its
purpose. I am assuming that it would help to consolidate enclosure
information coming from more than one Enclosure Services Process (ESP). Is
this assumption correct and is it the only purpose?
Can the SES specification elaborate on the purpose of ELI?

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