SOP/PQI WG editor's meeting proposed for Fri 13 Jan 2012

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) Elliott at
Thu Dec 8 15:45:01 PST 2011

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Since the SOP PQI WG was only assigned a half-day on Tuesday during January
2012 T10 week in San Jose, and the post-plenary editor's session is going to
be used for SPL-2 letter ballot comment resolution rather than SOP PQI
discussion, we're planning to hold an editor's session on Friday in the San
Jose area.
Proposed location:
1380 Bordeaux Dr
Sunnyvale CA 94089
Proposed time:
Friday 13 January 2012
9:00am - 5:00pm  (some may arrive late or leave early)
The Tuesday meeting will prioritize proposals that can be recommended to the
T10 plenary that week.
The Friday meeting will not hold any votes.
We'll collect RSVP's during the Monday teleconference (12 December 2011).
Rob Elliott    HP Server Storage

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