SMC-3 element static and volume static data

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Hi Kevin,
Thanks for getting back to me.
May I suggest that SMC-3 include a ‘shall’ clause to establish a unit
attention condition when either the element static or the volume static
information changes?  Using a unit attention to signal to the initiator that
‘static’ information has changed allows the initiator the opportunity to
cache the static information and update it only when necessary.
I apologize that I am not in a position to bring a proposal to the WG myself.
All the Best,
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In our discussions we discussed this very item.  We resolved that "Static" is
static in the scope of not changing operationally but could change in a
configuration type event.  As an example, volume static information might
change in response to a FORMAT MEDIUM operation.
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Hi Curtis,
Is the intention of the element and volume static descriptors to be really
static, i.e. the will never change, or will their contents be static the same
way that inquiry data is static, i.e. it may change infrequently?  I’ve
looked through smc-3r15, and it looks to me like it doesn’t allow for any
change in the static data.  For instance I didn’t see any references to
establishing a unit attention condition if element or volume static data
However I can wonder if some sort of on-the-fly reconfiguration of a library
might not result in at least the element static information changing.
Just curious as, of course, I haven’t been in on the conversation in a
number of years.
All the Best,

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