18-month-old discrepancy in SPC-4

Ralph Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Wed Sep 22 15:56:24 PDT 2010

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* Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
  In February 2009 (last year), Gerry Houlder's 09-054r1
was approved (8:0:10) for incorporation in SPC-4. When
the document was incorporated, the proposed Log Parameter
Code values of 0--3 were incremented by one (i.e., 1--4
were incorporated instead of the proposed values) in
SPC-4 r18.
Since I cannot find an explanation or justification for
this change, it must be considered an editorial mistake.
The question now is a little complex. Do we leave the
codes the way they were posted ... or ... do I fix them
as part of incorporating 09-360r9?
A related point is that Version Descriptors have been
assigned to SPC-4 r18 and SPC-4 r23. How this affects
the choice is in the eye of the beholder.
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