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The note is there, not to give targets an out, but rather to inform 
initiators that targets implemented to a previous version of the standard 
might behave differently.  I don't know the history here and I like to 
remove all notes that are not needed, but the consequence of doing so is 
that new developers of FCP-4 compliant initiators may not be tolerant of 
old targets.  How old are we talking about?  Is this back to FCP or 
earlier?  That is, will FCP-2 compliant targets pass the current FCP-4 
requirements here?  If so, then I say remove the note.	However, if FCP-2 
compliant devices might do this, then I think we need the note.
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From:	Gerry Houlder <gerry.houlder at seagate.com>
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Date:	09/22/2010 03:12 PM
Subject:	FCP-4: FCP_RSP IU Note
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If you remove this note from FCP-4, it just means that products that don't 
do this will not conform to FCP-4. Since none of the older products claim 
compliance to FCP-4 (how could they, it didn't exist when they were 
introduced) and can still claim compliance to FCP-3 or an older standard, 
what harm is there?

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